Is Joe Biden Losing Latino Support in Arizona?

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In a series of polls across the United States, President Joe Biden is now trailing behind Donald Trump in several states. He is also losing ground among a traditionally Democratic constituency, the Latino community. This is particularly concerning in key states that are crucial to win in the upcoming November presidential election, such as Arizona.

In 2020, the mobilization of Latino voters helped secure Joe Biden’s narrow victory in Arizona, a historically Republican state where Latinos constitute the second-largest ethnic group. This victory came after a challenging presidency under Donald Trump, who targeted immigrant populations and their children.

Once again, Latino rights advocacy groups are gearing up for action. One such organization is the left-leaning group Lucha, led by Gina Mendez. “Many of us have family members who are undocumented immigrants or own small businesses. We will seize this opportunity to ensure that Latino and minority voters turn out. We want all those with undocumented family members to exercise their right to vote,” Mendez stated, implying a call for Democratic voting.

However, the Democratic camp itself is shifting its discourse on immigration by promising stricter measures, including toward asylum seekers. This shift has raised eyebrows. “In my view, by doing this, we are closing doors to opportunities. We are preventing people from coming together, moving forward, and progressing. It’s impossible when you shut them out. It pushes them to do illegal things to access the freedom and a better life,” lamented José Alfredo Gimenez, son of a Mexican immigrant living in Tucson.

In addition to immigration policy, Joe Biden’s economic track record is also not winning favor among the Latino electorate. Many attribute the rising cost of living, including housing and fuel prices, to his administration. This demographic represents a hard-working social class struggling to make ends meet.

As the election draws near, Biden’s ability to regain Latino support in Arizona and other key states remains uncertain.

Soukaina Sghir

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