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American Soldier Sets Himself on Fire Outside Israeli Embassy

A US soldier sustained serious injuries while attempting to set himself on

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Trump-Haley Showdown Dominates South Carolina’s Republican Primary

As South Carolina's Republican primary approaches, all eyes are on the anticipated

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Is Joe Biden Losing Latino Support in Arizona?

In a series of polls across the United States, President Joe Biden

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Texas Builds Military Base Near Mexico Border to Curtail Illegal Immigration

In a bid to curb illegal immigration, the Republican-led state of Texas

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Uganda Claims U.S. Promotes ‘LGBT Agenda’ Amid New Sanctions

The Ugandan government formally criticized the United States' amplification of visa restrictions

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Morocco Extradites Russian Cyberfraud Suspect: $48 Million Scheme in the U.S

Moroccan authorities facilitated in September the extradition of Ruslan Albertovich Nurullin, a

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Gaza Offensive and Hamas Prisoner Release Efforts

The conflict initiated by the Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip continues

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Research Paper Forecasts “Trojan Horse” Scenario in the 2024 US Elections

As recent opinion polls in the United States show increasing convergence between

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Researchers from Microsoft Uncover Alleged Chinese Interference in U.S. Elections Using AI

Researchers from Microsoft announced on Thursday that they have discovered a network

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George Washington University Explores Educational Opportunities in Morocco

The "Africanity Award" Foundation, in collaboration with George Washington University, recently organized

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