Religious Leaders Call for Calm and Serenity Ahead of Presidential Elections

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Religious figures in Senegal are urging for peaceful, transparent elections and the respect of results following the upcoming vote on February 25th. In a press conference held on Saturday, January 27th, the National Association of Imams and Oulémas of Senegal called on presidential candidates to preserve democratic achievements and avoid post-election crises.

Expressing the desire for a Senegal of peace before, during, and after the elections, the National Association of Imams and Oulémas aims to play a regulatory and mediating role by addressing politicians. Imam Makhtar Ndiaye, the spokesperson for the association, stated, “We, imams and oulémas, have gathered not only to offer prayers for a peaceful Senegal but also, and above all, to make a strong appeal to the various candidates, urging the defeated to congratulate the winners as was the case in previous transitions.”

With one week left before the start of the election campaign, the Association of Senegalese Imams advocates for a calm and respectful campaign. Ndiaye emphasized, “It is our duty as religious leaders to call on the candidates to exercise restraint and a sense of responsibility during the electoral campaign. We also call on the population, especially supporters of different candidates, to refrain from any actions or statements that could jeopardize national cohesion during the election campaign.”

Beyond political figures, the Association of Imams and Oulémas of Senegal also urged media outlets, particularly online platforms, to avoid disseminating statements or events that could negatively impact the nation’s unity, characterized by a strong sense of coexistence. As Senegal approaches this critical electoral period, the religious leaders seek to foster an environment of harmony and cooperation.

Soukaina Sghir

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