Multi-Party Coalition Pledges Economic Prosperity and Blames ANC for South Africa’s Economic Woes

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Multi-Party Coalition Pledges Economic Prosperity and Blames ANC for South Africa's Economic Woes

As the 2024 provincial and general elections draw near, the Multi-Party Charter (MPC), comprising 12 parties, including the Democratic Alliance (DA), Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), and ActionSA, convened in Durban to address the media. In a significant move, the coalition asserted its commitment to delivering a flourishing economy for the people of South Africa while placing blame on the African National Congress (ANC)-led government for the country’s economic challenges.

The MPC, positioning itself as an alternative to the ANC, expressed its collective goal of ousting the ruling party from government in the upcoming elections. Calling on voters to repose their trust in the coalition, the parties outlined their vision for a new economic trajectory.

During the media briefing in Durban, the Multi-Party Charter placed responsibility squarely on the ANC and its governance for what they characterized as “the collapse of the country’s economy.” Key concerns highlighted included the soaring unemployment rate and widespread poverty.

Herman Mashaba, leader of ActionSA, pledged that the Multi-Party Charter would bring an end to the economic downturn. He emphasized the coalition’s commitment to fostering economic activity by implementing measures to open the economy, enhance global competitiveness, create a stable microeconomic environment, and address deficiencies in the education system.

DA leader John Steenhuisen echoed these sentiments, underscoring the coalition’s acknowledgment of the imperative to attract both foreign and domestic investment to stimulate economic growth. Recognizing the need for increased investment, Steenhuisen stressed that all parties within the Multi-Party Charter were aligned in their commitment to this crucial objective.

Other parties within the charter echoed these sentiments, with some specifically vowing to tackle unemployment by generating job opportunities, especially in rural areas grappling with significant service delivery challenges.

As the political landscape in South Africa undergoes transformation, the Multi-Party Charter emerges as a united front, presenting an alternative vision for the nation’s economic future while denouncing the ANC’s role in the current economic crisis. The coalition’s promises and strategies will undoubtedly be scrutinized in the lead-up to the elections as voters assess the potential for change and progress.



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