Devastating Floods in Congo-Brazzaville.. UN and Government Release Funds

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Since October of last year, nine out of the 12 departments in Congo-Brazzaville have been affected by a series of floods, impacting at least 1.7 million people. Approximately 350,000 victims require urgent assistance. In response to the situation, the government and the United Nations have devised a rapid response plan estimated at $26 million.

The United Nations has already mobilized $3.6 million. Chris Mburu, coordinator of the United Nations system, explains how these funds will be utilized: “The response with these resources will focus on four departments: Likouala, Cuvette, Plateaux, and Pool, to provide support in the most affected areas. Activities will include emergency health, nutrition, education, food security, and protection responses.”

According to the UN, at least 27,000 students in flooded areas are no longer attending school, and 2,300 hectares of farmland and fruit trees are submerged. Hundreds of women are giving birth on boats or in flooded operating rooms. Now, there are concerns about the emergence of waterborne diseases.

Chris Mburu emphasizes that everyone must contribute to helping the victims: “We call for the support of everyone, including the private sector and solidarity, so that aid reaches all affected areas quickly,” he urged.

Floods are recurrent in Congo-Brazzaville, but humanitarian actors believe the current level of destruction is catastrophic. They anticipate even worse consequences in the future due to climate change.

Soukaina Sghir

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