Former Kenyan MPs Sound Alarm Over Alleged Plot to Dismantle Jubilee Party

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Jubilee Party

Former Members of Parliament have raised concerns about a purported plot to dismantle the Jubilee Party, alleging that influential state officials are orchestrating its demise, thereby denying the Mount Kenya region a political platform.

Former legislators Jude Njomo and Peter Mwathi, leading a group of concerned leaders in Kiambu County, have voiced their apprehensions, claiming that powerful figures within the government are engineering a plan to cripple the party. The Jubilee Party is currently embroiled in internal leadership disputes, with two factions each aligning with different political coalitions.

The faction led by nominated MP Sabina Chege and EALA MP Kanini Kega has shifted allegiance to the Kenya Kwanza coalition led by President William Ruto, while the group led by former Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni remains loyal to the Azimio La Umoja coalition led by Raila Odinga.

Njomo and Mwathi disclosed that Jubilee has devised a comprehensive strategy, including grassroots meetings, to rejuvenate the party in the Mount Kenya region. They allege that the internal conflicts are being fueled by influential politicians in the government, aiming to transform the region into a one-party stronghold.

Speaking after a mass service at Jesus Christ Compassion Ministry (JCM) Church in Ruiru, the leaders asserted that they are aware of the efforts to marginalize the Jubilee Party in the region. They emphasized their commitment to resist any attempts to create a one-party dominance in Mount Kenya.

In response to the internal turmoil, the leaders revealed they have initiated a movement to rally support and reclaim the party’s influence in the region. They claimed that even elected officials from other parties, including the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), have expressed interest in joining forces to safeguard the region’s political interests.

The leaders also criticized the Kenya Kwanza administration for unfulfilled election promises and the rising cost of living. They pointed out that high taxation has exacerbated the challenges faced by Kenyans, and they accused the government of backtracking on its commitment to lower the cost of fuel.

Former Kiambu Town MP Jude Njomo expressed concerns about the enactment of punitive laws, particularly the proposed increase in land-related taxes. The leaders called on the Mount Kenya region to unite and address issues affecting them, emphasizing the need to avoid repeating past mistakes in the political arena. Jubilee deputy organizing secretary Pauline Njoroge, accompanying the leaders, urged the region to stand united and speak out against injustices affecting them.


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