Simon’s Town Wildfires Successfully Contained, Residents Allowed to Return Home

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Simon's Town Wildfires Successfully Contained, Residents Allowed to Return Home

The City of Cape Town Disaster Risk Management reported that firefighters have successfully contained the wildfires that have been ravaging Simon’s Town for the past four days. This positive development brings relief to the communities affected by the massive blaze, which includes areas across the Cape Peninsula, such as Simon’s Town, Fish Hoek, and Glencairn.

Residents who were earlier evacuated as a precautionary measure are now permitted to return to their homes. The containment of the wildfires marks a crucial milestone in the ongoing efforts to manage and extinguish the flames that have posed a threat to residential areas.

The City of Cape Town is now evaluating the possibility of reopening routes that were temporarily closed between Cape Point, Simon’s Town, and Glencairn. Despite the progress made, authorities remain vigilant, with firefighting crews closely monitoring potential flare-ups in specific areas.

Jermaine Carelse, the spokesperson for Fire and Rescue, provided details on the current situation: “At Miller’s Point, Partridge Point, as well as Smitswinkel, crews with hand tools are monitoring the situation. All the other divisions have been withdrawn from the area. On the Glencairn Expressway front, crews are monitoring for any flare-ups. This will result in considerably fewer resources required on the scene, and there is no aerial support required as yet.”

The containment efforts signify a collaborative undertaking by firefighting teams who have tirelessly battled the wildfires amid challenging conditions, including strong winds. The City of Cape Town continues to emphasize the importance of ongoing vigilance and preparedness in the face of natural disasters, urging residents to stay informed and follow safety guidelines.


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