European Union Considers Expanding Hydrogen Pipeline Project to Morocco

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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European Union Considers Expanding Hydrogen Pipeline Project to Morocco

The recent report from the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance reveals the European Union’s intention to include Morocco in the Mediterranean Hydrogen Pipeline project (H2Med) by 2040, aiming to expand the project and connect Africa to the Iberian Peninsula.

In collaboration with various partners, Spain has outlined plans for the 2040 Mediterranean Hydrogen Pipeline project, including the construction of a hydrogen pipeline allowing the importation of hydrogen from Morocco to the San Roque refinery.

The European hydrogen infrastructure will be established in three corridors to supply it across the Mediterranean Sea and the North Sea region, aligning with proposals from the European Hydrogen Initiative.

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Future plans and methods of hydrogen importation will play a crucial role in bringing it to the external borders of the European Union. The European hydrogen network will be responsible for distributing the resource across borders and transporting it internally towards consumption centers.

Morocco aims to provide 5% of the total demand for green hydrogen in Europe, generating 160 terawatt-hours by 2050. However, the realization of Morocco’s potential in green hydrogen production depends on building the infrastructure connecting it to the Iberian Peninsula, thereby linking North Africa with the rest of Europe.


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