Senegal: Presidential Candidates Urged to Submit Applications by December 26

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Starting on Monday, December 11, candidates in Senegal can submit their candidacy documents for the February 2024 presidential election. They have until December 26 to submit all required materials to the Constitutional Council, including endorsements and a 30 million CFA francs deposit.

For most candidates, the endorsement collection phase has concluded, and the focus is now on compiling data and addressing final administrative details. Candidates have the option to submit three types of endorsements: citizen endorsements, endorsements from elected officials, or endorsements from territorial executive leaders. At present, each candidate remains secretive about the strategy adopted.

Within the presidential coalition Benno Bokk Yaakar, eleven files have been prepared for the candidacy of the current Prime Minister, Amadou Ba. The decision on which file to present is the final step. Ablaye Diagne, the national coordinator of the endorsement unit for Benno Bokk Yaakar, commented, “Citizen endorsements demonstrate the coalition’s strong presence nationwide, while those from deputies ensure they do not endorse other candidates.”

The coalition, however, has been weakened by defections, such as that of Aly Ngouille Ndiaye, former Minister of Interior and Agriculture, who claims to have the required number of endorsers and has already paid his deposit.

In the opposition camp, Khalifa Sall of Taxawu Senegal only needs to submit the deposit before deciding which type of endorsement to choose. The Senegalese Democratic Party announces readiness, even though their candidate Karim Wade has not yet returned to the country.

The Pastef party led by Ousmane Sonko claims to have met its objectives regarding citizen endorsements for candidate Bassirou Diomaye Faye. Faye is presented as a Plan B if their political leader cannot participate in the election. Elected officials are awaiting instructions while Ousmane Sonko is yet to decide on his participation in the presidential election.

Soukaina Sghir

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