Senegal: Rejection of Ousmane Sonko’s Presidential Candidacy Caution

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Ousmane Sonko

Opposition leader Ousmane Sonko faces another setback in the race for the presidency as the payment of his caution, a mandatory step to be a candidate, has been rejected by the State’s Deposits and Consignments Fund. The grounds for refusal are that the opposition figure, removed from the electoral rolls, is no longer eligible.

A representative of Ousmane Sonko attempted to pay the required €45,000 caution to validate a presidential candidacy application. The deadline of December 26 for submitting these applications is approaching. Sonko’s supporters believe it is essential to complete each step and progress in assembling a candidacy dossier, despite his imprisonment.

However, the Senegalese administration sees things differently. Having been removed from the electoral rolls due to a two-year prison sentence for corrupting the youth, Ousmane Sonko is deemed ineligible for election, according to the Ministry of the Interior. Consequently, he cannot deposit a caution to validate his candidacy application.

The eligibility question remains at the heart of the legal battle between Ousmane Sonko and the authorities. Supporters argue that Sonko’s removal from the electoral rolls is not final since the case has been referred to another court for retrial.

Faced with this new obstacle in Ousmane Sonko’s presidential race, his supporters remain determined not to give up and continue to use all legal means at their disposal to prevail. Earlier this week, they filed a request to annul the Supreme Court’s decision validating Sonko’s removal from the electoral register.

Soukaina Sghir

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