SA: Nine Officials Suspended in Connection to National Assembly Fire

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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SA: Nine Officials Suspended in Connection to National Assembly Fire

The South African Parliament has taken decisive action by suspending nine officials in connection with the destructive fire that ravaged the National Assembly building, causing extensive damage to the adjacent old assembly nearly two years ago. This measure follows the outcomes of an independent investigation that singled out 28 officials who may bear responsibility for security lapses contributing to the suspected arson attack.

The suspended officials, part of the larger group implicated, are predominantly senior staff members. Their suspension, with full pay and benefits, aims to mitigate any potential influence they might exert on others involved in the ongoing investigation. This move underscores Parliament’s commitment to upholding the integrity of the institution and ensuring an impartial investigative process.

The comprehensive investigation into the fire, projected to cost around R2 billion in repairs, has thus far held only one suspect, unrelated to Parliament, criminally liable for the incident. The focus of the probe has been on potential security and procedural lapses within the parliamentary system that may have facilitated the destructive event.

Xolile George, the Secretary to Parliament, disclosed that the 28 identified officials were given an opportunity in October to respond to notices of possible charges arising from Parliament’s internal fire investigation. While some officials provided satisfactory explanations for their actions, two failed to respond promptly.

Parliament is now contemplating whether those who offered acceptable explanations should undergo professional development to address potential skills gaps. However, the 13 officials who failed to provide acceptable answers will face disciplinary proceedings, receiving notices specifying the charges they will confront in the coming weeks.

This recent development reflects Parliament’s commitment to accountability and transparency, demonstrating a proactive approach to addressing the aftermath of the National Assembly fire and holding those accountable for any lapses in the parliamentary system.


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