Sudanese Army Announces Destruction of Key Dam Bridge Amid Ongoing Conflict

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The Sudanese army announced on Saturday that the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) had destroyed the bridge of the Jebel Aulia Dam, situated on the White Nile, 44 kilometers south of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

The extent of the damage to the dam bridge is yet to be clarified, but any significant destruction could pose a severe flood risk. Fierce battles are ongoing between the army and RSF forces around the dam, a critical crossing point between the Khartoum and White Nile states with a population of approximately 13 million. RSF declared control over the dam area on Monday and continues counterattacks, while the army maintains its hold on these regions.

The strategic importance of the Jebel Aulia region lies in its housing of the “Al Nujoomi” airbase, one of Sudan’s top four airbases. The escalating conflict is seen by some analysts in connection with the destruction of the Shambat Bridge last week, a crucial link between Khartoum Bahri and Omdurman, with mutual accusations about its responsibility.

Despite the blame game, the bridge was a primary supply route for RSF forces engaged in strategic areas, including the key Engineers’ strategic weaponry sector. Recent RSF focus on the Jebel Aulia region is seen as an attempt to find an alternative passage via the dam bridge for access to Omdurman from the southwest.





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