Hamas Releases Video of Israeli Hostages in Gaza

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Hamas has released a video featuring three Israeli hostages being held inside the besieged Gaza Strip, where Israeli airstrikes continue, resulting in significant casualties. The hostages addressed a message to the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, appealing for their release and the release of all captives.

In the video, the hostages, who have been in Hamas captivity for 23 days, directed their message to Prime Minister Netanyahu. They emphasized that during the recent press conference held by the families of the abducted individuals, there was an expectation for a ceasefire and the hope that they would all be set free.

One of the hostages went on to express their disappointment, holding Netanyahu accountable for political, security, and military failures. She attributed their captivity to the absence of military presence in the Gaza border region and the lack of protection.

The captives emphasized the necessity of unity in the face of adversity, imploring for their release and the release of all hostages. They called upon the Israeli government to act swiftly in this regard.


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