Austrian Chancellor Commends UK’s Innovative Approach to Migration

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Austria’s Chancellor, Karl Nehammer, lauded Britain as a trailblazer in outsourcing asylum procedures beyond Europe’s borders during a meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in Vienna.

Nehammer, representing Austria’s conservative party known for its stringent stance on migration, emphasized the strategic partnership between Austria and the UK, particularly in conducting asylum proceedings in safe third countries.

During a joint press conference with Sunak, Nehammer praised the UK’s initiative, citing the recent British legislation to relocate migrants to Rwanda as a pioneering model. He highlighted the significance of this approach for both the UK and the European Union, suggesting it as a potential agenda item for EU-wide adoption.

Austria, alongside 14 other EU member states, recently advocated for increased cooperation with countries of migrant origin or transit. This call for collaboration follows the endorsement of extensive reforms to the EU’s asylum system.

In April, the British Parliament passed legislation enabling the deportation of migrants to Rwanda, aligning with Sunak’s contentious plan aimed at deterring perilous English Channel crossings. Despite facing opposition from human rights activists and migrant groups, Sunak defended the policy, emphasizing the need for bold and innovative solutions to address migration challenges.

Sunak reiterated the importance of exploring alternative measures, such as removals to safe third countries, to manage migration effectively. He emphasized the growing consensus among nations regarding the necessity of forging partnerships with safe countries to address migration issues comprehensively.

As discussions on migration policies evolve, the collaboration between Austria and the UK underscores the need for innovative approaches to manage migration flows while upholding human rights and dignity. Stay tuned for further developments on this crucial issue.


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