Kenya: Anti-LGBTQ Protest Organized by Religious Groups

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An anti-LGBTQ protest took place on Friday afternoon, in Kenya. Several hundred people marched from the Jamia Mosque to Parliament at the behest of various Muslim and Christian religious organizations. They were protesting a Supreme Court ruling made six months ago that allows LGBTQ groups to register as associations.

Brandishing placards, Abdallah Said passionately voiced his concerns. He firmly believes that the Supreme Court’s ruling is the first step toward legalizing same-sex marriage, “It’s not normal for a man to marry a man and a woman to marry a woman. So, we’re protesting today against what’s happening: the fact that the Supreme Court has allowed homosexuals to participate in public life.”

Regina Naia is a bishop in the Anglican Church. She, too, is worried about other consequences: “We expect our politicians, who are pro-life, to join us. We expect them to pass laws that protect the family, the African family, which we hold so dear.”

However, the Supreme Court ruling only allows one thing: the right for groups with LGBTQ in their names to register as associations. Nevertheless, protests are multiplying. Several have already taken place in Mombasa on the coast. Ivy Werimba, spokesperson for GALCK+, an LGBTQ association, believes that a genuine movement is emerging: “We now see politicians entering the debate, shifting the narrative from the Supreme Court ruling to gay marriage and the end of the family. But queer communities are also fighting for families.”

A family protection bill, that criminalizes homosexuality, was introduced in April and is set to be voted on in the Kenyan Parliament.

Soukaina Sghir

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