Double Lawsuit Filed Against Former Gabonese Presidential Couple, Ali and Sylvia Bongo

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In late August, the regime was overthrown in a military coup. Since then, accusations of multiple crimes have been leveled against the former government. Bertrand Zibi Abeghe, a former deputy who was imprisoned for six years, has filed complaints against Ali Bongo in France, England, the United States, and Gabon. Additionally, four NGOs have initiated legal proceedings against Sylvia Bongo, the wife of Ali Bongo, in Libreville. the wife of Ali Bongo, in Libreville. the wife of Ali Bongo, in Libreville.

Bertrand Zibi Abeghe, a member of the majority party, resigned dramatically in front of Ali Bongo in 2016 before being arrested and spending six years in detention. He filed a complaint against the former president, accusing him of assault, torture, and inhuman treatment.

“Pardon is part of my principles today, but forgiveness does not mean forgetting or keeping silent. So, it’s not about personal revenge, but about achieving reconciliation and truth. I simply want justice to be served, and for Ali Bongo to finally answer for his crimes.”

His legal action also targets those who executed the orders, including former ministers of justice, prosecutors, investigating judges, and prison directors.

On the other hand, organizations ROLBG, Copil Citoyen, and Coted are targeting Sylvia Bongo for corruption, influence peddling, embezzlement, money laundering, and damage to the interests of the nation. According to these NGOs, she was an essential part of the former regime.

“Sylvia Bongo is at the heart of the corruption system that was established. Sylvia Bongo has been cited multiple times by all those who were arrested because they were executing Sylvia Bongo Ondimba’s orders, and all of them were recognized as corrupt. So, we imagine that she took advantage of her husband’s illness to establish this web of corruption in Gabon,” accused Justine Lekogo, president of Copil Citoyen.

The NGOs plan to file further complaints against Sylvia Bongo abroad. They also call for an investigation into Olam, the Singaporean group at the heart of agribusiness in Gabon.

Soukaina Sghir

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