Senegal: Pastef Files Appeals with ECOWAS Court and Supreme Court

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Lawyers representing opposition leader Ousmane Sonko have filed two petitions with two different courts of justice. Among their demands, they have requested that the ECOWAS Court of Justice order the Senegalese government to suspend the dissolution of the Pastef party and restore its political rights in preparation for the presidential election scheduled for February 25, 2024.

The first appeal was lodged with the ECOWAS Court of Justice, while the second was submitted to the Senegalese Supreme Court. In both cases, the lawyers seek the annulment or at least the suspension of the decision to dissolve Ousmane Sonko’s political party.

According to Maître Abdoulaye Tall, lawyer, and spokesperson for Pastef, there is no legal basis justifying the party’s dissolution, which occurred on July 31 this year: “The party has never violated the law, and it is one of the few political parties that fulfills its obligation to provide an annual financial report. Therefore, this is a party that has always complied with the law, the constitution, democracy, and the republic.”

The hope is that the ECOWAS Court of Justice will rule in favor of Pastef and declare its dissolution illegal, forcing Senegal to reverse its decision.

However, the key question is how long it will take for the ECOWAS Court of Justice to make its decision. The same applies to the Senegalese Supreme Court, especially considering the presidential election is just five months away.

Soukaina Sghir

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