Opposition Ousmane Sonko Struck from Electoral Registry in Senegal

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Ousmane Sonko

In a recent turn of events, Ousmane Sonko, a prominent political figure and opposition leader in Senegal, has been formally removed from the electoral registry, as confirmed by an authoritative source within the administration. This decisive action comes in the wake of Sonko’s conviction on June 1st, wherein he was sentenced to a stringent two-year prison term for charges involving the “corruption of youth.” These allegations stemmed from a case where he was accused of engaging in illicit activities with a salon employee, a claim that Sonko fervently refutes.

The notification of his removal from the electoral roster arrives as a significant blow to Sonko’s political aspirations, notably his intention to contest the upcoming presidential election slated for February 2024. The move, however, has ignited intense debates and legal contests, with Sonko’s supporters vehemently challenging the decision on grounds of its legitimacy.

The elimination from the electoral roll raises pertinent concerns about Sonko’s eligibility to participate as a candidate in the impending presidential race. Given the implications of this removal, Sonko’s chances of presenting himself as a contender for the highest office in the land have now been cast into uncertainty.

Presently, Ousmane Sonko finds himself confined behind bars in connection with an entirely separate legal case. This distinct affair involves accusations of incitement to insurrection and other related charges. It is noteworthy that Sonko has embarked upon a hunger strike in protest of his detention, underscoring the steadfastness of his stance even within the confines of incarceration.


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