Wildfires Ravage Northern Tunisia Amid Record Heatwave

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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As Tunisia battles an unprecedented heatwave, seven wildfires have erupted in the highlands of Jendouba, Beja, Siliana, and Bizerte provinces, as confirmed by civil defense authorities. The fires have spread to residential areas near the mountains, engulfing vast expanses of forests and fruit tree plantations, while causing extensive damage to local projects and homes.

To combat the escalating crisis, relief efforts have been initiated by civil defense teams, who have been tirelessly working since Thursday to prevent the wildfires from reaching homes and evacuating families by both land and sea, temporarily housing them in schools and public facilities. Despite the absence of international aid, the concerted efforts of the civil defense have managed to control the inferno, even with the rapid winds compounding the challenges.

In support of the official response, citizens and local communities have launched initiatives to aid the affected residents in the northwestern regions. Dozens of volunteers have traveled from the capital towards Tabarka in the north, carrying food supplies and providing assistance in the evacuation efforts.

However, the situation remains critical as the fires continue to blaze, consuming tens of thousands of hectares of forests and farmland in record time and causing panic among the populace, with 150 people reported to have suffered injuries, according to the regional hospital in Tabarka.

Afaf Al Fahchouch

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