Twitter’s Rebranding: From Bird to “X”

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The microblogging platform, Twitter, made a significant change by altering its official account’s profile picture and name on Monday. The well-known Twitter bird was replaced by the letter “X” in white against a black background. Although the account name now shows “X” followed by the email symbol “@,” the word “Twitter” remains in small font.

The iconic bird that accompanied Twitter since its inception, with its white color against a blue background, is now absent from the account that boasts 65 million followers. However, some other official Twitter accounts, like the business account, still retain the old logo as of Monday morning.

This move appears to be a first step towards fulfilling Elon Musk’s promise to change the platform’s name and logo. In the early hours of Monday, the billionaire founder changed his Twitter profile picture to the letter “X,” posting a single-letter tweet.

Earlier, Musk had expressed his intention to revamp Twitter’s logo. He stated, “We will soon bid farewell to the Twitter brand and gradually all the birds.” Under Musk’s dynamic leadership since he acquired the platform last October, the company has already rebranded itself as “X Corp,” reflecting the billionaire’s vision of developing a “supreme app” similar to China’s “WeChat.”

Twitter’s previous logo, the blue bird, was described on the website as “the most distinguishing asset” and was strongly protected. In April, the bird logo was temporarily changed to a Shiba Inu dog image from the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which contributed to a $4 billion increase in the currency’s market value.

Afaf Al Fahchouch

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