Benin: the Army Receives French Helicopters for the Fight Against Terrorism

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Faced with insecurity in the north, due to attacks by armed groups, the Beninese head of state is strengthening the military resources of the army. Patrice Talon made this promise to the deputies at the end of December 2021. In this context, the country has just received three helicopters, and new equipment ordered by the authorities to strengthen the response plan against terrorism and groups.

According to special information, the Beninese army received three French-made Puma helicopters last week, intended for the transport of troops. These helicopters are also armed. Delivered to Cotonou, the aircraft would have already been transported to the north of the country and made its first flight.

Before this new acquisition, the Beninese army was already operating with two Ecureuil helicopters.

There is military equipment, but also the increase in personnel in the response plan, the army exceptionally recruits 5,000 men. In addition, military cooperation with neighboring countries is intensifying, according to the same information, Beninese President Patrice Talon will again discuss the subject with his peers on Sunday, July 9th in Bissau, during the ECOWAS summit.

Cotonou also benefits from the support of partners, such as the United States and France, Paris has offered the Beninese army, among other things, armored personnel carriers (VAB) and pick-ups.

Soukaina Sghir

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