The Gabonese Elections Center Announces the Electoral Timetable for the General Elections

maryam lahbal
maryam lahbal
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According to the draft calendar published by the CGE, the Gabonese are called to the polls on August 26th. Ali Bongo, the outgoing president, has not yet announced his decision to run for a third term as permitted by the Constitution.

The highlight of this calendar is the holding on the same day of the presidential, legislative, and local elections.

The electoral calendar starts on July 11th with the filing of candidacies. A month later, that is to say, on August 11th, the campaign for the presidential election will begin. Legislative and local candidates will begin campaigning on August 16th. This will end on Friday, August 25th. Voting for all three ballots will take place on August 26th.

In any case, the government does not have much leeway if it wishes to organize the presidential election within the constitutional deadlines, that is to say before August 27th. A Council of Ministers is being held on Monday under the chairmanship of Ali Bongo.

Maryam Lahbal

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