Border Clashes between Ugandans and South Sudanese Spark Heightened Security Measures

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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There has been a surge in patrols conducted by Ugandan and South Sudanese security forces along their shared borderlines, aimed at averting ethnic clashes that have erupted between the South Sudanese and Ugandans.

The latest updates reveal that on May 7th, violent ethnic clashes erupted between the Kuku tribe of South Sudan and the Madi/Aringa residing in the Moyo and Yumbe districts. The conflict primarily revolved around land disputes along the border, tragically resulting in the loss of one life and the displacement of over 3000 individuals.

These clashes had a significant impact on several villages, including Embe, Linyamiro, Etia, and Gobiri in Gwere North parish, Lofori sub-county in Moyo district, as well as Feyo and Alema villages in Kochi sub-county, Yumbe district.

To address the conflict, Ugandan authorities promptly engaged in discussions with a delegation from South Sudan, conducting meetings in the Moyo district. The objective was to find a resolution and prevent further clashes, as the loss of one Sudanese national was already tragic enough.

During these negotiations, a crucial agreement was reached, mandating joint border patrols by the Uganda Police Force (UPF), Ugandan People’s Defense Forces (UPDF), and the Sudan Army. This collaborative effort aimed to safeguard the borderlines and avoid any escalation of clashes. Additionally, a committee was established to oversee the resettlement process for displaced individuals in Moyo and Yumbe districts.

Relief Aid Delivered to Border Dispute Victims, Calls for Further Assistance

Moreover, on Wednesday, the government delivered a substantial amount of relief aid to the Goboro transit center. The supplies included 30,000 kilograms of maize flour and 15,000 kilograms of beans, which were intended for distribution among those affected by the border dispute. Geoffrey Sseremba, the undersecretary and accounting officer in the Office of the Prime Minister, conveyed this information in a letter to the Yumbe Chief Administrative Officer, indicating that the relief food would benefit 3,218 individuals.

In response to the aid, Rasul Drajiga, the senior Assistant Chief Administrative Officer for Yumbe, expressed gratitude for the relief food items and outlined immediate plans for their distribution to the beneficiaries.

However, local leaders in the affected districts have raised concerns and appealed to the government for additional assistance. They emphasize the urgent need for essential materials such as utensils, blankets, mats, and carpets to facilitate the return of families to their homes.

Afaf Al Fahchouch

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