Senegal: prosecuted for rape, Ousmane Sonko denounces a “plot”

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During a press conference in Dakar, the Senegalese political opponent Ousmane Sonko reacted to the complaint of rape and death threats lodged against him. According to the presidential candidate, this case is “instrumentalized” by President Macky Sall.

“We will never accept injustice. No one can stop me, please God, from being a candidate in 2024. And I don’t see the judge who is going to sentence me to 5 years in prison in this dossier,” said Ousmane Sonko during a press briefing in Dakar.

The leader of the Pastef party (patriots of Senegal for work, ethics, and fraternity), is accused by the former employee of a massage parlor of having demanded sexual favors under the threat of arms.

The case dates back to 2021 but the dean of the investigating judges of Senegal recently confronted the two parties, in the presence of their lawyers.

This Thursday, January 19, Ousmane Sonko also attacked this judge, and reaffirmed that it was a “big lie” and a “conspiracy”. The case has been sent to a criminal court, but the trial date is not yet known.

Maryam Lahbal

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