South Africans react after the response of Raja fans to Mandela’s Grandson

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The response of the Raja fans to Nelson Mandela’s grandson was not only published in Morocco, but it has already reached those concerned in South Africa, where video and photo footage has spread.

While activists and politicians supporting the Polisario separatists took advantage of the matter to attack Morocco, considering that Raja’s response is “Moroccan arrogance, a challenge to Africa, and a continuation of the colonization of a member state of the African Union,” the popular response was surprising and showed a difference between the official and the public position.

Through social media platforms, South Africans criticized the interference in the affairs of others, warning that continuing this policy would cost their country dearly.

Morocco, through the Royal University, denounced these statements, which appear to entrap politics in sports with an event organized by the Confederation of African Football, and called for an investigation and accountability for those responsible.

On the other hand, the African Union disavowed these statements and said that it does not represent or express it and that it will investigate the incident based on the laws of the CAF and the International Federation of Football Associations.

Soukaina Sghir

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