Senegal: 8 days after the last tragedy, a collision between two buses leaves 19 dead

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Eight days after the collision between two buses that caused the death of more than 40 people in Senegal, another collision between a bus and a truck has claimed 19 lives in the north of the country. This was announced by the fire brigade.

A fire brigade official told the local press that the accident occurred near the locality of Sakal (north), in the Louga region. In addition to the deaths, 24 people were injured.

These recurrent accidents in Senegal and in several African countries prompt us to look into the various causes behind these accidents: careless driving, corruption of officials responsible for issuing driving licenses or enforcing the law, dangerous vehicle design, and others.

Although Senegal has put in place a series of measures to deal with these problems, they remain unimplemented by transport professionals.

Similarly, the latest tragedy of 8 January has led to a wave of criticism against the government for its lack of rigor in enforcing the regulations on the state of vehicles and the rules of driving.

Jihan Rmili

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