CHAN 2022: Public eagerly awaits Ghana’s match against Madagascar

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Morocco, two-time champions of the last two editions of the CHAN, were supposed to make their debut this Sunday against Sudan but decided to boycott this edition which takes place in Algeria, which does not push the public to optimism.

The first reactions of football fans are not lacking in criticism for this 7th edition full of technical waste. The only bright spot in all this is the Algerian public which ensures a great atmosphere in the stadiums.

Now we expect the match Madagascar against Ghana which will play for group C.

Ghana through the Black Galaxies has participated 3 times in the CHAN and reached twice the final (2009 and 2014). Annor Walker, Ghana’s coach said in a press conference that he prefers not to dwell too much on his country’s brilliant past in this CHAN but expects what is in front of his team, expressing the wish to reach the final and lift the cup.

The Bareas of Madagascar will play for the first time in the CHAN but they also know how to score. In fact, they reached the quarter-finals of the CAN in 2019 when they were new to the competition.

Jihan Rmili

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