Ethiopia: Tigray rebels have started surrendering their weapons

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Tigrayan rebels have begun renouncing their weighty weapons, a key point in a deal signed more than two months ago to end a toxic conflict in northern Ethiopia, a government spokesman said on Wednesday. rebel authorities.

“Tigray has passed over its heavy weapons as part of its commitment to enforce the Pretoria agreement”, signed on November 2 between the Ethiopian government and the Tigrayan rebels, Getachew Reda said in a tweet.

“We wish and expect that this will go a lengthy way towards accelerating the full performance of the agreement. We hope and anticipate!” he continued.

The peace deal of November 2 supplies in particular for the demilitarization of rebel forces, the repair of federal control in Tigray, and the reopening of access and communications to this region cut off from the world since mid-2021.

Maryam Lahbal

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