21 dead and 49 injured in a bus crash on the Kenya-Uganda border

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The Ugandan police announced that 21 people were killed in a bus accident in the Kenyan town of Lwakhakha, on the Kenya-Uganda border. The cause of the accident was excessive speed, according to the preliminary investigation.

The accident, which took place on Saturday evening, left 49 people injured, according to the regional police spokesman. Regarding the nationalities of the victims, he said that the deceased were Kenyan and Ugandan.

Road accidents are very common in Africa. Indeed, 38 people were killed and 87 injured yesterday in a collision between two buses in Senegal. The Ugandan police gave statistics that 104 road accidents were recorded in just 3 days between December and January, killing 35 people.

As a result, the Ugandan government is preparing new measures to improve road safety after this alarming rise in accidents.

Jihan Rmili

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