Omar Sy in the First World War horror in «Tirailleurs»

nour el houda bouzammour
nour el houda bouzammour
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Released in Senegal two days after France, the film was included in the official selection of the 2022 Cannes Film Festival but did not enter the competition.

Seventeen years ago, a film about the skirmish in the Maghreb during World War II caused a sensation in the same place in Cannes. Rashid Bouchareb’s “Indigene’s” won an award for overall achievement in casting.

This time, Mathieu Vadepied focused on his game, the only Senegalese shooter starring Omar Sy in the lead role.

The story connects the two countries, Senegal and France. It’s all my story. It’s also completely my identity,” Omar said at a press conference announcing the film in Dakar in late December.

A father and son kidnapped from the village of Pour during World War I and sent to fight in France: In “Tirailleur”, Mathieu Vadepied tells Wednesday the shattered fate of Senegal’s Tirailleur in an intimate way.


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