Opposition sticks to pots and pans concert in Senegal

nour el houda bouzammour
nour el houda bouzammour
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Members of the parliamentary faction of the Yewwi Askan Wi coalition and members of the Patriot Party Ousmane Sonko held a press conference in Dakar on Wednesday.

Cheick Tidiane Youm reiterated the party’s call for governments to make every effort to release judicial information on Covid-19 weapons as recommended by the General Accounting Office.

“As my predecessor just said, hundreds of billions were put on the table to fight death to save the Senegalese. Some unscrupulous ministers used themselves as vulgar thugs.

As for Ousmane Sonko, during President Macky Sall’s annual speech to acknowledge the people’s grievances, he is trying to get Senegalese excited about this pots and pans concert he will hold on December 31st. board. 00 (GMT) for the whole world to hear the sound of pots and pans to know that people are not happy with Macky Sall and his government.

Macky Sall only knows that language, so he asks all Senegalese of all ages to join this pots and pans concert and make the loudest noise.

Pastef leaders have announced a rally on January 6, following a rally of civil society organizations. Ousmane Sonko launched a concert of pots and horns in Dakar ahead of parliamentary elections last June.




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