A Roundup of events shaping Africa’s economy in 2022

nour el houda bouzammour
nour el houda bouzammour
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2022 will be a year of uncertainty and cautious optimism in Africa, Earlier this year, European and African leaders met in Brussels in what was billed as a new beginning for EU-Africa relations.

While the launch of the Pan African Payments System (PAPSS) this year was a landmark event, the pandemic and recession have affected free trade.

Also, the Inflation caused by the conflict in Ukraine has hit the economy and wiped out many people’s savings.

Not all is bad, though. The Ukraine crisis has been a boon for African energy producers as Europe desperately tries to suck Russia’s energy away.

Speaking of energy: Mozambique joined the exclusive club of gas exporters in November. This is a major achievement for the South African nation.


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