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Nigeria’s December Inflation Hits 27-Year High

In December, Nigeria experienced its most significant inflation rate increase in over

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Guinea: 40 Days Without Internet, Significantly Impacting Economy

Guinea has been grappling with restricted internet access for the past 40

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Power Producers in Ghana Halt Shutdown as Interim Deal Resolves Issue

Ghana's independent power producers (IPPs) have temporarily halted their impending shutdown, originally

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South African Rand Leaps 1% as Investors Gauge Russian Ripples

On Monday, the South African rand experienced a 1% increase, capturing the

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Navigating Rwanda’s Economic Crossroads: Overcoming Challenges, Forging a Prosperous Future

Rwanda, known as the "Land of a Thousand Hills," has made significant

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Rand Bulls Face Major Battle: Breaking the 19.00 Psychological Level

The South African rand exhibited limited volatility during the early trading session

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Premier Group of South Africa Achieves Significant Profit Surge Amid Power Challenges

Premier Group (PMRJ.J) of South Africa announced a significant surge in their

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South Africa’s Economy Escapes Recession with 0.4% Growth in Q1

According to the latest data released on Tuesday, South Africa managed to

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TotalEnergies Readies for Mozambique LNG Project Resumption

TotalEnergies, the French energy company (TTEF.PA), has announced its intention to resume

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Ghana Central Bank Maintains Policy Rate Amidst Soothing Inflation

On Monday, the central bank of Ghana decided to keep its primary

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