South Africa: Corruption is systemic in all public institutions

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South Africa’s Public Service Commissioner, Anele Gxoyiya, revealed at a press conference today that corruption is “endemic” in three spheres of South African government and has permeated all the country’s institutions, adding that this phenomenon undermines public confidence in the executive and has a negative effect on the country’s social development.

Indeed, the Judicial Commission of Inquiry, known as the Zondo Commission, reported on state capture to combat institutionalised corruption in the public sector, and revealed that ‘President Cyril Ramaphosa testified before the Zondo Commission in August 2021, that many competent and highly qualified public servants had left the public service or had been sidelined if they refused to carry out certain illegal instructions’.

The report added that South Africans know that corruption is rife in all institutions and that it had become automatic in all public administrations and involved senior African National Congress (ANC) officials.

Jihan Rmili

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