South Africa: President Ramaphosa’s popularity going down

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Residents of a Soweto neighbourhood in Johannesburg are divided over the future of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

A year after his campaign visit to the Nomzamo district during which he notably promised to solve the problem of power outages, the head of state is still struggling to win the confidence of South Africans despite the partial reduction in load shedding.

“Ramaphosa is a good man, you can see that he told us the community of Nomzamo about electricity, because now we have electricity, even if it took a long time to get electricity. electricity because of Eskom (note: South African electricity utility) but finally we have it.” Said

The South African president is accused of having tried to hide from the police and the tax authorities a burglary during which 580,000 dollars in bundles, hidden in a sofa, were stolen.

Parliament is due to vote on a possible dismissal procedure on Tuesday, a few days before the vote for the presidency of the ANC, the ruling party for which he is a candidate.

“There is no change, you can see on this side we have electricity, but on this side, we don’t have it, so they just play with us, they just came and talked as always, you know, the ANC people, they talk and then they don’t do anything,” said Solomzi Dzanzbe, a resident of Nomzamo.

“I think Ramaphosa has to come out this time. …..” confided Bongani Makhanya, resident of Nomzamo.


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