South Africa: Zweli Mkhize ambushed in case of a presidential overthrow

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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If Cyril Ramaphosa goes down, South Africa’s former health minister, Zweli Mkhize, is now the president’s main rival for the scandal-plagued leadership of the country.

The 66-year-old doctor is campaigning relentlessly as the head of state grapples with a possible impeachment trial accused of trying to cover up a robbery in which a packet of dollars was found on the couch of his home.

He is the only candidate, second only to Cyril Ramaphosa, as presidential candidate for Nelson Mandela’s party who is still in power 30 years after the end of apartheid, He will win the 2024 federal election.

Zweli Mkhize, who continues to interview in a rented house in a wealthy suburb of Johannesburg, continues to work. Large bay windows overlook the garden pool. Between two interviews, he is considering changing the tie. His assistants are ready in the colours of the African National Congress (ANC), all green, black and gold.

The political party, which has elected heads of state since 1994, is steadily declining in the polls. However, it certifies whoever is a member of the Almighty National Executive Committee (NEC).

On Monday, Mkhize was among those who debated the fate of Cyril Ramaphosa at a summit meeting. the ANC provided the head of state with a majority of official support ahead of a parliamentary vote to open or reject impeachment proceedings.

“This meeting was conducted in an unusual and bizarre way. Some members were still scheduled to express their opinions but decided to end the discussion on the grounds that a consensus had been reached.

The president says he is innocent and no one has any reason to doubt it, he continues, “but the fact that he hid $580,000 under the cushions of his sofa was “not trivial,” said the former minister, who left the government almost two years ago and has not been completely cleared of suspicion. To tell.

In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, he was embroiled in embezzlement of around €9 million as part of an irregular contract with a telecommunications company responsible for pandemic awareness campaigns.

“No one’s perfect,” he said, clearing his throat, believing the study was biased. He’s still trying to drop the case.

Squinting his eyes, he seems inexhaustible about the reforms to be implemented. He enumerates them in single intonation, rarely searches for words, highly articulate and rambling speech.

“provides jobs” in a country plagued by endemic unemployment, provides housing to curb the endless expansion of towns, and “enables young people to acquire the skills they need to contribute to the economy”.

What he half-heartedly criticizes is not the revolutionary one, but the project that remains largely at the well-meaning stage under Ramaphosa’s mandate. But does he have enough support to beat him? mkhize says so without hesitation.

The ANC chapter in KwaZulu Natal (southeast) in this strategic state of the Zulu nation has the highest number of delegates and has given her a lot of support ahead of her ANC meeting on December 16th. gave great support.

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