Legal use of cannabis: AMCUC calls for investment support


Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The Moroccan Advisory Association on Cannabis Use (AMCUC) called for supporting investments in the processing and manufacturing of cannabis-based products.

AMCUC invites international and local licensing participants to organize and develop the different stages of the event, from the seed production phase to product marketing, in addition to supporting research to advance the use of cannabis in medical, cosmetic and industrial fields, according to the association’s press release.

While advocating for “a gradual conversion of illegal and environmentally harmful agricultural activities to legal, sustainable and value-creating activities and jobs.”, the AMCUC has renewed its commitment to contribute to the strengthening of scientific consultations, the organization of conferences and symposia and the launch of a series of trainings in order to contribute to the development of medical use channels, pharmaceutical and industrial cannabis.

On the other hand, the Association expressed great optimism following the launch of the licensing process, with the allocation of 10 licences for the processing and manufacturing of cannabis, and the marketing and export of cannabis and its products for medicinal, pharmaceutical and industrial purposes.

Nour el houda bouzammour

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