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DRC: Taking the State Exam Despite Conflict

In the eastern DRC, north of Goma, students from Rutshuru and Kibumba

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Reaction of Kabila’s Party to the Defection of Three Former Officials to the Alliance of the Congo River

The eastern region continues to be afflicted by conflicts and armed violence.

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Fresh Clashes Erupt Between Pro-Government Militias and M23 Rebels Near Goma

Clashes broke out between pro-government militias and M23 rebels, backed by Rwanda,

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France Urges Rwanda to Halt Support for M23 Rebels in Eastern DRC

France has voiced deep concern over the escalating situation in the Eastern

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SADC Troops Deployed to Combat M23 Rebels in Eastern DR Congo

In response to the recent escalation of attacks by the March 23

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Sahel Nations Forge Ahead with Plans for Confederation Amid Regional Shifts

Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger have reaffirmed their commitment to establish a

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DRC Deputy PM: Monusco and FARDC Unite Against M23 Rebels

Amid escalating tensions in the Eastern North Kivu Province, Deputy Prime Minister

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Renewal of Clashes Between M23 Rebels and Pro-Government Armed Groups in North Kivu

In the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), M23

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Fighting Between M23 and Wazalendo Militias Reported in Masisi, DRC

In eastern DRC's North Kivu province, clashes are occurring between the M23

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DRC: EAC Soldiers Struggle to Keep M23 Rebels at Bay

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the East African Community (EAC) force

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