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EU Issues Formal Warning to Senegal Over Illegal Fishing Practices

The European Union has issued a formal "yellow card" to Senegal on

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Senegal: Audit of Fishing Sector and Existing Agreements Requested in Cabinet Meeting

The new authorities are tackling the fishing sector, which sustains a significant

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Senegal Releases List of 151 Approved Fishing Vessels, Controversy Over Foreign Crews

The new Ministry of Fisheries published on Monday, May 6th, a list

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Senegal: Fishermen Call on Candidates to Commit to Sustainable Fishing

Amidst the ongoing presidential election campaign in Senegal, stakeholders in the fishing

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Fishing with insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets in the DRC worries professionals

Congolese fishermen expressed alarm on Saturday at the consequences of fishing with

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EU bans imports of seafood from Cameroon

The European Commission on Thursday banned imports of seafood caught in Cameroonian

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