Comoros Floods: Government Assesses Damage with International Partners

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The government of Comoros has convened its partners, including Morocco, France, the United Nations System, and the African Development Bank (AfDB), to conduct a preliminary assessment of the floods that have devastated the country since late April and early May 2024. The meeting aimed to seek international assistance in addressing the damage caused by the floods, which have resulted in the deaths of three individuals and the displacement of dozens.

The initial provisional assessment estimates the cost of repairs to be over one billion Comorian francs, equivalent to slightly over 2.5 million euros. Urgent needs identified by the authorities include the distribution of food kits for the 149 displaced families and the replacement of furniture and equipment for 15 flooded schools.

Long-Term Responses

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Comoros, Dhoihir Dhoulkamal, the objective is to promptly and effectively address the needs of the affected population, both in the short and long term, focusing on better protecting the country against extreme weather events and other natural disasters linked to climate change. This appeal has been heard and positively responded to by the country’s partners, as confirmed by the Comorian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Vulnerability of Island Nations

In 2019, the country was severely affected by Cyclone Kenneth, which resulted in six deaths and over 10,000 displacements. Sixty percent of food crops and more than 30% of cash crops were damaged, prompting Comoros to appeal to the international community for assistance. By issuing this new appeal, the Comorian authorities have underscored the vulnerability of island nations to climate change.


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