Burkina Faso: Emergence of a New Civil Society Organization

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Burkina Faso

The Front for the Defense of the Republic announced its establishment through a statement on Thursday, April 4th, to restore civilian leadership to the state and swiftly organize free and transparent elections.

Journalist Inoussa Ouédraogo from the Norbert-Zongo cell authored the manifesto announcing the creation of this organization. In this message addressed to the “people of Burkina Faso,” the Front for the Defense of the Republic (FDR) aims to reinstate republican order and facilitate a consensus civilian transition leading to free elections.

A Grim Assessment

This new civil society organization paints a grim picture of the promises made by the junta that took power in September 2022. The FDR lists the thousands of civilians killed, displaced populations, brave officers slain, or citizens abducted.

The junta, which had promised over a year ago to liberate the territory within three months, is failing, according to the text, to give way to a “nameless tyranny.” Additionally, the Front for the Defense of the Republic calls for the dissolution of the Movement for Safeguarding and Restoration (MPSR2), described as an instrument of “repression” against the people.

Concise and Precise Agenda

It demands the immediate release of forcibly enlisted or sequestered individuals. It also calls for a concise and precise agenda for a civilian and consensus transition, as well as for military personnel to return to the frontlines and barracks rather than remaining in presidential positions. Such a rare and radical stance in a country where freedom of speech is increasingly less tolerated.


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