Burkina Faso: Multiple Civilians and VDP Killed in Two Attacks in the Central-East Region

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Burkina Faso

In the Central-East region of Burkina Faso, armed men launched two attacks early on Sunday. Another attack occurred the day before in the border region with Togo and Ghana.

Early Sunday morning, the population of the rural commune of Bané became the target of unidentified armed men. Residents speak of terrorists who launched an assault on this commune located about thirty kilometers from Tenkodogo, the capital of this region of Burkina Faso.

“We are in shock. There are numerous casualties,” emphasizes one resident. According to multiple sources, around twenty civilians and volunteers for the defense of the nation were killed during this assault. Calls for vigilance were also issued to neighboring communes of Bitou and Cinkansé, near the border with Togo.

On the previous Saturday, the village of Tissaoghin in the Koulpelogo province was targeted by a group of armed men. Residents of the village were caught off guard at the marketplace. Around twenty individuals, including many women, volunteers for the defense of the nation, children, and the village chief were killed, according to our sources.

These attacks in the Central East occurred while the Burkinabe head of state, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, was in the region to celebrate International Women’s Day. On this occasion, he commended and encouraged the garrison of Tenkodogo and the Volunteers for the Defense of the Nation in their fight against terrorism.


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