Guinea: Former Condé Regime Officials Face Investigators

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The preliminary investigation into the bloodshed crimes committed in Guinea during Alpha Condé’s presidency continues. Following the interrogation of alleged victims, it’s now the turn of high-ranking officials from the former regime to face investigators. Around thirty of them are implicated in this case, facing charges including “murder, torture, rape, abduction, and property destruction.”

According to judicial sources, several members of Alpha Condé’s government and presidential teams have already been questioned by the joint investigation commission. Among them are Kiridi Bangoura, the presidential chief of staff, Minister of Security Albert Damantang Camara, Minister of Territorial Administration Bouréma Condé, as well as police chiefs Ansoumane “Bafoé” Camara and Fabou Camara.

In total, 26 regime officials, including Alpha Condé himself, who has been in exile in Turkey since the 2021 coup, are being pursued. They are accused of playing a role in suppressing protests during the former president’s two terms, particularly in 2020, amid the demonstrations against his bid for a third term.

Representing over 260 families and relatives of alleged victims, Lawyer Thierno Souleymane Baldé paints a grim picture. “Some of them,” he describes, “still have bullets lodged inside their bodies. They couldn’t afford the surgical procedures needed to remove the bullets. Many of them have no family support left, as the children who used to help them have been killed. Additionally, many of these victims had their shops and stores destroyed by the police, leaving them with nothing. These are very tragic stories.”

According to NGOs, opposition parties, and civil society organizations, over 200 people were killed during Alpha Condé’s presidency from 2011 to 2021.


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