Cameroon: Opposition Member of Parliament Files Complaint Against President Paul Biya

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Cameroonian opposition MP Jean-Michel Nintcheu, a political ally of Maurice Kamto, has lodged two complaints at the Yaoundé High Court. The first is against President Paul Biya for “accumulation of functions,” and the second is against the Secretary-General of the Presidency, Minister of State Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, for “usurpation of function.”

According to Jean-Michel Nintcheu, founder of the Front for Change of Cameroon (FCC), Paul Biya, in his capacity as President of the Republic, swore to defend all Cameroonians. “He cannot simultaneously preside over the fortunes of a partisan political organization,” namely the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (RDPC). This action aims to “raise the republican consciousness” of judges regarding the “serious” dysfunctions of the Cameroonian state, which, according to the complainant, have persisted for too long.

The opposition member bases his complaint on a provision of the Constitution that prohibits the accumulation of multiple elective mandates. A member of the RDPC, Professor Laurent Charles Boyomo Assala, states that the party “will not engage in this debate,” which he considers a mere “distraction.” He adds, “Our only concern at the moment is to mobilize […] for the upcoming deadlines. And besides, we know our texts and regulations better,” he concludes.

Regarding Jean-Michel Nintcheu’s complaint against Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, Secretary-General of the Presidency, Jean-Robert Wafo, an FCC official, explains that the complaint stems from the observation that Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh “takes actions by addressing ministers directly as if he were their leader.”

“Delegation of signature is not a delegation of power,” notes the FCC camp. Therefore, from the FCC’s perspective, there is “usurpation of function.” In response to this second complaint, a senior official at the presidency anonymously states that Jean-Michel Nintcheu “knows nothing about how the public administration operates.”


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