Sudan Blocks Humanitarian Aid at Chad Border Citing Security Concerns

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Sudan is unwilling to compromise its security. This was the assertion put forth by the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement released over the weekend, explaining its refusal to allow humanitarian aid to pass through the Chadian border.

On Saturday, March 2nd, during an international summit in Turkey, the Deputy Director of the World Food Programme (WFP) was met with a firm denial.

According to the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “It has been proven that the Chadian border is being used to supply weapons to the Rapid Support Forces,” who are engaged in combat with the Sudanese army. Therefore, it is inconceivable, for the authorities in Port Sudan, to compromise “the stability and security of the country, even for humanitarian aid.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs thus urges the World Food Programme to source supplies “from the local Sudanese market, while the modalities for the introduction of humanitarian aid are being studied.”

“We have never been involved in any way in the Sudanese conflict,” protests Abderhaman Koulamallah, Chadian Minister of Communication, who denounces “false allegations.”

At the end of February, a WFP convoy bound for Darfur was halted at the Chadian border by the authorities in Port Sudan. In a statement, the US Department of State expressed “deep concern” over this obstruction orchestrated by the Sudanese military. It reminds both parties of their obligations to uphold international humanitarian law.


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