Mali Launches ‘Candle Operation’ Against Power Outages

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Candle Operation

In Mali, the “Candle Operation” commenced on March 1st. Initiated by the Synergy of Action for Mali, a coalition of political parties and civil society organizations opposed to the extension of the transition, this initiative aims to protest against the rampant power outages plaguing the lives of Malians.

While power cuts are not new in Mali, they have escalated to unprecedented levels in recent months. Therefore, the “Candle Operation” seeks to protest by showcasing the use of candles, which have become essential amidst the frequent power cuts in the country, on social media platforms.

One of the initial examples shared online by an organizer of this “Candle Operation” depicts a craftsman sleeping on his sewing machine with a candle lit on the table. The concept is simple, as explained by Hamza Bechir Sow from the Jiguiya Koura coalition, and one of the spokespeople for the Synergy of Action for Mali.

“It involves every Malian taking a candle, lighting it, and saying in a brief five-second video: ‘We want electricity, we want power, we want light.’ That’s all. Peacefully and with respect for our institutions and the Republic as well,” he reports.

Up to 48 Hours Without Electricity

Because power outages are not merely inconvenient, they also hinder the country’s economic activities, adds Hamza Bechir Sow. “In some areas, it extends up to 48 consecutive hours. Otherwise, in certain neighborhoods of Bamako, it’s several hours, often 20 hours without electricity. We have workers whose livelihoods depend on electricity, such as tailors and welders. We urge the Malian people to demand their right to have electricity so that the economy can proceed as usual,” he emphasizes.

The “Candle Operation,” according to its organizers, will persist until the transitional authorities finally respond effectively.

This grassroots movement underscores the frustration of Malians over the prolonged power cuts and their determination to push for a resolution. As the nation navigates through its transitional phase, addressing these pressing issues becomes paramount for stability and progress.


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