Reclassification of Charges Against Five Individuals in Martinez Zogo’s Murder Case

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Martinez Zogo

A new development unfolds in the investigation into the assassination of presenter Martinez Zogo on February 26th, 2024, with the reclassification of charges against some of the implicated individuals. The military tribunal, tasked with judicial inquiry, has notified Lieutenant Colonel Justin Danwe, former director of operations for Cameroon’s counter-espionage service (DGRE), and Martin Stéphane Savom, mayor of Bibey municipality, two of the accused in this case, that they will now be prosecuted for “complicity in murder.” Three others will face charges of “murder.”

Out of the twenty individuals indicted, five are now subject to these reclassifications. Notably, former DGRE operations director Lieutenant Colonel Justin Danwe, initially charged with “complicity in abduction and torture,” is now accused of “complicity in murder.” Lieutenant Colonel Danwe, who admitted long ago to playing a role in Zogo’s abduction and torture, now denies involvement in any assassination planning.

Facing the same charge of complicity in murder is Martin Stéphane Savom, known as the mayor of the small Bibey municipality, located 260 kilometers from Yaoundé. Perquisitions conducted at his residence and the analysis of his mobile phones in recent weeks have reportedly established his connections with Martinez Zogo, Justin Danwe, and the members of the commando, according to RFI sources.

As for the charge of murder, it implicates three DGRE agents. This marks a notable development in the course of the judicial investigation, as until now, the indicted individuals primarily faced charges of “complicity in torture by assistance and failure to comply with instructions.”

These reclassifications were among the requests of Martinez Zogo’s heirs’ counsels. Attorney Calvin Job, representing them, expressed “relief” on Monday evening while urging that all individuals implicated in this procedure be subject to these reclassifications.


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