Compensation Begins for Victims of Hissène Habré in Chad

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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In a significant development, compensation payments to the victims of Hissène Habré have commenced in Chad as of Friday, February 23rd. Following discussions with victim associations, Ndjamena has announced the disbursement of 10 billion CFA francs to approximately 10,700 individuals.

This marks a continuation of the legal proceedings against the former dictator, which concluded in 2016. Additionally, the presidency has announced that the victims had requested the rehabilitation of the former president by resolutions from the national dialogue.

On Thursday, the Chadian presidency held discussions with victim associations, reaching an agreement for Ndjamena to provide a sum of 10 billion CFA francs in compensation. However, various courts had previously ordered significantly larger compensation amounts to be disbursed through a trust fund administered by the African Union.

Adoumbaye Dam Pierre, president of the Association of Victims of Crimes Committed under Hissène Habré’s Regime, expressed that while these initial compensations would provide relief to the victims, he hopes for the full disbursement of the promised compensation.

Pierre emphasized the dire circumstances faced by many victims, with some having lost everything during their detention, including spouses, and children unable to attend school. While the compensation may not be sufficient to alleviate all hardships, it could assist with healthcare expenses and education fees for children. Pierre also mentioned the association’s intention to travel to Addis Ababa, where measures were taken by the state to establish a trust fund location, which has yet to materialize after three years.

Regarding the burial of Hissène Habré, Maïbé Komandje Gabin, president of the Victims Association for the Reparation of Crimes and Peace (AVCRP), emphasized the importance of forgiveness, stating that rehabilitation as a Chadian citizen is necessary. Djidda Oumar Mahamat, secretary-general of the ADH network, went further, advocating for a dignified burial for Habré, akin to other heads of state, asserting that forgiveness is granted upon death.

Hissène Habré’s remains have been interred in Dakar since his death from Covid-19 three years ago. However, his rehabilitation was among the recommendations of the national dialogue held at the end of 2022.

Soukaina Sghir

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