Cameroon: Bopda Case Still in Preliminary Investigation Stage

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The businessman Hervé Bopda, implicated in January following a wave of anonymous accusations on social media for acts of sexual violence and threats with a weapon, remains in custody in Douala. It has been three weeks since his arrest on the night of January 30th to 31st, 2024. His lawyers denounce this delay and demand his release.

The case in Cameroon is still in the preliminary investigation stage. Within this framework, confrontations took place on February 20th between Hervé Bopda and two complainants according to our sources. These two complainants are among the five formal complaints registered against the heir of businessman Emmanuel Bopda.

Hervé Bopda’s lawyers have filed a motion with the prosecutor for his release, arguing that his detention has become “illegal and irregular.” This matter has been adjourned to February 28th for deliberation.

Serology Tests

Hervé Bopda, whom numerous anonymous testimonies on the internet accused of deliberately infecting several individuals with HIV, had to undergo two serology tests, which reportedly came back negative according to his lawyers. The results of a final sample requested by the prosecutor of the Republic near the Douala High Court are awaited.

The collective of lawyers who initiated the first complaint against Hervé Bopda for “threats with a weapon” continues to urge anyone identifying as a victim to step out of anonymity and seek justice.


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