Cameroon: Transport Prices Increase Following Rise in Fuel Prices

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Transport authorities and unions in Cameroon have agreed to increase urban and interurban transport fares, following a 15% hike in fuel prices two weeks prior.

In Cameroon, a little over two weeks after the announcement of a fuel price hike on February 3, urban and interurban transport fares are set to increase as well, according to the unions. In urban areas, the taxi fare rises from 300 to 350 francs CFA during the day and to 400 francs CFA at night.

On interurban routes, the price per kilometer increases from 14 to 16 francs CFA. These increases were demanded by transport unions and announced following a consultation meeting between the Ministers of Trade, Transport, and Labor.

None of the three ministers present in the room wished to comment after three hours of rather heated discussions with consumer associations and union representatives. The unions succeeded in securing increases in urban and interurban transport prices.

Deffo Sokeng, president of the National Union of Interurban Transporters, declares: “As of now, the daytime taxi fare is 350 francs and at night it is 400 francs. As for interurban transport, we have practically gone from 14 francs per kilometer to 16 francs per kilometer… With this level, we can already be less stressed about offsetting what we will pay in terms of fuel.”

Although these new prices are not immediately effective, several transporters did not wait for this meeting to deliberately raise transport prices.

This increase follows a nearly 30% rise in fuel prices over 12 months. To offset this hike, some unions had requested a 30% increase in transport prices, leading to dissatisfaction from Baba Njika, president of the General Union of Cameroonian Transporters: “We increased by 50 francs CFA. For those who have taken their route to calculate, say: for a taxi driver, adding 50 francs, times 4 passengers, you already have 200 francs. We calculate based on distances and goods in truck transportation.”

The increase in transport prices has an impact on the daily lives of Cameroonians. To address this, the government has initiated discussions with employers to potentially raise the minimum wage, which currently stands at 45,000 francs CFA, approximately 68 euros. Union representatives are demanding that it be increased to 100,000 francs CFA, approximately 152 euros.

Soukaina Sghir

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